From a spark to a flame (Arcade Fire from dec 2010)

In this day and age of x facrors and (clearly) Britian has (NO) talent land , where children are brought up to believe that being able to, nearly, carry a tune is a pathway to musical pastures new and  we (or I)…..(and i really hope its not just I) pray each day this isn’t the case, its refreshing to know that not  only is  there something better out there in the music world to change this point of view, there is  actually a band already out there, casually dominating the world, with their mesmerisng live act, that  have organically grown in the last five  years, from an up and coming troop of enthusicastic musicians, to not only compete with the U2s, Coldplasy and Kings Of Leons of the world, but can actually stand head and shoulders above them all, triumphantly wearing their bleeding hearts on their sleeves, without ever once compromsing to this, seemingly always jaded pop world.

   To watch Arcade Fire  command a jam packed audience at the exhibition centre tonight was a total joy to behold.  To not only realise, but be bewildered, by the fact that the audience must be above the usual, “who are we” crowd of oasis, the view or whatever group you would care not to mention, it was great to just meld in with a crowd who were celebrating in a group that, for once, no matter how big they may get, will always mean something.

  And when you really get into this bands music, this is a mass congregession of, slightly drunk (including me!) people who were enjoying songs all about death, family, friendship, hopes, fears, dreams lost and dreams yet to have.

    The music world at the moment, taken at face value, looks like a desolate place, but in reality its never been so alive.

  As the internet, apparantly threatens to killl music, i believe, to quote a famous line, “it will only make us stronger”.

 I enjoyed most of the gig tonight with a massive smile on my face and at some points, tears in my eyes, and i’ll be quite happy to eat my words, but i can only see this group getting bigger, and i really, for once, cant see these guys ever selling out.


  i’ll leave you with a few lines from the title track from their outstandingly laid back masterpiece “the suburbs”


……………..”so can you understand, why i want a daughter while im still young?

                       i want to hold her hand,

                        and show her some beauty,

                         before the damage is done…………..”


and those four lines, if people know me, make me break down and cry, not just for fear of what the world holds for me and my daughter, but for joy of how much i always believe that music does have the power to change, not only the world, but also you and me.


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