Talking To Girls About Duran Duran….not just a book but a musical journey back to the 8os!

Just like when i do talk to girls about duran duran, or anything for that matter, the book was too short but oh so sweet.


 It was a great read, all about the authors growing up through the 80s, and how the music of that decade shaped  his path to young adulthood. He had a geniune love for all things musical during this decade, good and bad, cool and very dodgy, and still looks back on all of them fondly, not discarding anything, as this was the soundtrack to his youth and when he revisits them they’re little musical memories of a golden time which, clearly, isnt as bad as people would have you believe.


 He treated the artists he loved as characters in his life that came alive through vinyl, cassettes and even cassingles, and talked directly to him guiding him with advice, good and totaly useless on growing up and trying to work out the many mysterious ways of how women work.


 He talked of Duran Duran being a girls band, as in woman loved this band to a degree that was baffling to boys and men the world over, saying that if women ever stopped loving this band then the band would simply cease to exist. He also noted the Duran Duran knew all of this and as theyve proved many times over the year simply didnt give a damn.


 He talked abou the music he loved, and still does, without ever being embarressed about any of the poppier, throwaway ones that as people get older would erase from their musical upbringing for fear of eternal slaggings. With his soundtrack ranging from Duran Duran, REM, the Replacements, Flock Of Seagulls, Human League, Culture CLub, O.M.D, the Go-Gos, David Bowie, The Smiths to Madonna, Ray Parker Jnr, Debbie Gibson, Hayzi Fantazee (for one song at least), New Kids On The Block and many more.


 It took me back to my musical upbringing, which if you know me at all, will know was bizarre to say the least, and i have, like this guy, never felt shamed in telling anyone who would listen what started me on my lifetime journey of loving music as much as i  do.


Whether it was going to see my first group (if i havent told you already, it was Curiosity Killed The Cat at the Barras, about 1986), or seeing Wet Wet Wet (4 times) and loving every moment of it. Or going to buy Adam Ants ‘Apollo 9’ with my hard earned paper money only to find it was sold out and having to make do with ‘Ghostbusters’ by Ray Parker Jnr instead, or standing at the counter in Boots with only enough money to buy one single and arguing with myself whether to buy ‘The Only Way Is Up’ by Yazz and the Plastic Population or ‘Can I Play With Madness’ by Iron Maiden. (Yazz won that day!). Or having a the owner of the record stall in the forum and a policeman both laughing at me when i bought Whams ‘Freedom’ with great joy in 1984.  Well Noel Gallagher though it was a good buy as he virtually stole the song and changed to words and speeding it up for one of his many famous Oasis B-sides ‘Fade Away’.


  I recommend anyone who loved the 80s and who loves music to read this book, if you can find it. it took me ages on my mission to hunt it down after chris put me on the road to get this book, feeling that if there ever was a book out there written especialy for me, it was this one.


 As one of the lines in the book goes…….


‘Fear of pop is an infantile disorder – you should face up to it like a man!’


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