The Crossing 30th anniversary (from feb 2012)


just back from the Big Country gig and i can safely say, BEST FUCKING GIG in a long time.

 Mike Peters was outstanding as the spiritual voice of the late stuart adamson and a packed barrowlands enjoyed an exhiliarating, emotional two hour set, which featured the whole first album in its entirity.

  I was emotional when i woke up this morning, but i held back as long as i could, but when In a Big Country started playing, and guys left right and centre started to rub tears out of their eyes i was off like a fukcing tsunami.

 The whole place was jumping and singing and it couldnt have been a better tribute to stuart, the guys and the 30th anniversary of the release of the grammy nominated album THE CROSSING.

 Even the support was well worth the ticket price with a rejuvinated GUN, who had ditched the long haired lover from the Little Angels and one of the original brothers took lead vocals and took us back to the glory days of STEAL YOUR FIRE, WORD UP, SHAME ON YOU, DONT SAY ITS OVER and BETTER DAYS.

 Gigs like this make the Barras still one of the best venues in the world and with a two hour set from Big Country with the spirit and heart of Stuart shining down it just makes you smile and think that Stuart may have finally found a heaven which was full of the wide open spaces and endless dreams that his words and music always promised.

 Thats the Wonderland that im eternally looking for.


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