An almost James Grant gig and another mad day in Glasgow!

With all good intentions comes great responsability.

Met chris for the half 2 train to the wet and windy city of glasgow and quickly shot out the the west end to meet up with a hungover and ever youthfull grumpy Dave. Then the madness begun.

With a good 5 hours before the gig begun I shouted out my favourtie catchphrase of the moment, ‘whats the worse that could happen’ and maybe (but definitely not) regretted to blurt out those words.

A quick, beer of the week, that consisted of some obscure american beer (blue moon!!!???!!!) with a slice of orange, we headed off in the pouring rain we headed off to find more drinking venues.

Found a wetherspoons type of pub and me and chris fired into two bottles of wine while Dave, in his own unique disturbing style recreated, thankfully only in words, a truly horrfic personal story that i really hope you never have to sit through and listen too, never mind actually having to be in that position in the story.

Then we hit the Hillhead library club (sorry no books) for a quick and slightly dear pint before dave shot off to have a hopefully quiet night while me and chris fired along to the Tennents bar for a quick couple of double jack daniels and coke.

Then going to the wrong door at the Oran Mor and the quick witted bouncers (yes im using sarcasm) asking chris wheres hes been we headed round to the other dorr while chris accidentally slipped and fell down the stairs.

By the time we got to the other door bouncer world was in full effect and chris was almost not getting in. Where have you been? what have you had to drink? i just want to hear you talk? all came out the neanderthals mouth before he tried to put the fear in us by saying, i dont want to see a drink in your hand and if i do i will throw you out.

The idiot actually did us a favour and we deliberately didnt even attempt to purchase an over priced warm drink at the venue. We had enough in the topped up tank to keep us going anyway.

Though we quickly found out that we had turned up half way through the gig (who actually goes on the minute the doors open these days?)

Anyway we enjoyed, at mos,t a good half dozen james grant tunes, and to hear Winter again, alone was well worth the ticket price.

As i turned round to chris and said, colin will be raging to miss this, some random woman shouted, give colin a phone! oh no, i replied he’ll be tucked up in bed ha and continued to sing away. we enjoyed some witty batter till a couple of maniac women (sorry for the stereotype but you guys really have to convice me otherwise) told us to Shhhhhush!

Fucking Shhhush i replied. we’ve already had enough shit from the bouncers without you sour faced twats giving us grief. Then they shusssed.

Gig by for 10 and we realised we could jump on the train and round off our night in style at the karaoke in irvine.

In a moment of drunken, unselfish madness we showered a random begger in a wheelchar with money, menthol fags and even my lighter before getting the underground to the centre of glasgow then the train home.

On the way i managed to drop my phone on the floor and its currently a bit fucked up but still just working and we started ordering our songs on the way to an eager waiting stevie.

After my night of watching Rock Of Ages with jodie the night before (another story in the waiting) i was determined to live out my tom Cruise/80s rock fantasises and stuck my name down for def leppards ‘pour some sugar on me’.

It went down a storm, (well with me anyway) and i manged to follow it up with a wee bit of Purple Rain and the Editors ‘smoking outside the hospital room;, a doom ladden song ive been trying to find at a karaoke to sing for bloody ages.

And chris did his best bob dylan and van morrison impersonations and like two desperate Withnail and I wannabees we battered into a bunch of pints and some jack daniels before the end of the night.

A good day was had by all, apart form the charles darwin shy bouncers who wouldnt know evolution if it fell down the stairs in front of them.

Im sure James Grant will be proud of us!


One thought on “An almost James Grant gig and another mad day in Glasgow!

  1. Chris says:

    I’m sure I was doing my best Van meditative scat/mumble singing?

    remind me what song it was (supposed to be)

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